Could it be?

I have asked myself this question so many times recently, it’s rather incredible how in such a short space of time I’ve went from wondering how long it would take for things to improve to wondering how things could possibly get better right now. In my last post I was truly ecstatic, I had just passed my driving test and got a job within two days. Now more time has passed I have my perfect little car and have recently changed jobs. The job I have now is everything I was searching for when I was unemployed and I truly mean that. When I sat and thought about what I truly wanted, this is it. I have no idea where all this good luck is coming from but, I am so appreciative of everything that has happened, good and bad these past few months.

Now we are at the beginning of March I have one busy month ahead of me! All amazing things I cannot wait for, spoiling my mam on Mother’s Day with a well deserved trip to the hairdressers for hair and nails done, my brother’s partners baby shower (yep, I am roughly two months away from being first time aunty of twins – a beautiful baby girl and boy) not to mention Smartie’s birthday at the end of the month! We are currently planning his birthday away in Richmond for the weekend in a pet friendly log cabin. That weekend is guaranteed to be full of walks, cuddles, toys and all-around Smartie fun!

Now that I’m working again and really enjoying each day as it comes I’m doing my best to plan ahead for evenings/weekends and any time I have that can be spent making the most of time with my amazing family. Like today, a busy morning out with my mam getting the paint and emulsion in preparation for getting the living room decorated soon, seeing and spending time with my grandparents and just generally enjoying a drive out with my mam, good music and nice chat. We then returned home to one of my dads super breakfasts which really set me up for tidying the degus out, tidying my room and cleaning my car! Nothing extraordinary, but, important details that really mean the world to me. Seeing my grandparents smile and listening to them tell me about their week and what has made them smile and laugh.

Now I’m nearly ready to pop out to a local restaurant for a slightly late celebration of my best friend’s birthday, I will still ask myself before my head hits the pillow later on tonight “could it be” and as I drift off I will think to myself it certainly can and it certainly is.

I am hoping for a trip away with Smartie soon so I can return with a great story and even better pictures! For now though we just enjoy the days given to us and currently he is enjoying having a snooze after a long walk with dad!


2 thoughts on “Could it be?

  1. Oh Andrea, it does this old heart good to read this post and all the good things that are happening to you! All good things come to those who wait they say and in your case it appears to be true!!
    I hope you all have the very best time away for Smarties birthday and I’m sure you will!

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