Perception and Deception

The power of camera trickery, very easily done and often very unfair – when I first got my Canon 1100 DSLR I spent a while looking through the settings and seeing what would capture each picture best and of course I used Smartie as my test subject because he looks so damn handsome regardless. A while later I came across something interesting when I was flicking back through my practice shots…

What I saw scared me a little really because in this one shot Smartie looked like every other Staffordshire Bull Terrier people like to plaster all over the news and internet. Deliberately timed where these misunderstood creatures are mid bark with a firm stance making them look as dangerous as possible and hiding the truth about the breed. My camera was in sport mode at the time and takes pictures one after the other in quick succession – look at the pictures below and watch the transition happen.

I caught Smartie mid yawn and I could almost feel his soft nature fall away from him in the second photo then return in the third. The power of perception and deception.

IMG_0033 IMG_0034 IMG_0035


5 thoughts on “Perception and Deception

  1. A sensible person could tell he was yawning because of his eyes. Or sneezing. Every now and then I tell Warren he is a big mean doggie just for his ego – usually when he is covered with a blanket playing “monster under the covers” 🙂

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