Menorca, Cala’N’Bosch Part 1 – The Arrival

Looking back, I think it’s really amazing how quickly my holiday crept up on me and even though I had everything ready I had never felt so unprepared for something. Two days beforehand I was already double checking every document, all my clothes and everything else in between, Scott kept telling me to relax and that I was worrying needlessly. The holiday part wasn’t scaring me, it was the before and after parts that were – the truth is I have done the airport thing time and time again but, in this instance, my dad wouldn’t be leading the way. I knew I had to suck it up and to be quite frank, get a grip, I knew exactly what I had to do and when I had to do it “so just deal with it” I thought to myself.

The day before, I got up at 6:30am ready for one last day at work before my break, I partially regret not taking that day off as things were a bit of a nightmare once I’d got home but, at the time I just didn’t see the point. The day was relatively normal, I had a nice amount of work to clear before leaving, the phones were ringing frequently and everything seemed fine… Until about 12pm. A sneaky headache had made its way through and I started to feel sick. “Well that is just fantastic!” I blurted out not really realising I had said it out loud. The headache and sickness got progressively worse throughout the day and by 5pm, I was in a strange sort of achy agony. I left work to meet Scott and hoped that would just magically make things better but, even walking to the bus station wasn’t helping. With about 15 minutes left until the bus was due, I felt awful. I put my head against Scott and prepared myself for the worst, I felt everything drain away from me and had that all too familiar ‘I am going to pass out’ feeling. I somehow didn’t allow my body to completely shut down on me to prevent Scott from panicking and someone ringing an ambulance, I couldn’t be bothered to deal with that when I was only hours away from flying to Menorca. I stood there feeling overheated and generally quite useless, I could feel small beads of sweat appearing on my forehead. I was immediately regretting not allowing my body doing what it needed to do but, I could just see it causing a whole load of new and unnecessary problems.

The bus arrived what felt like 20 hours later, I walked slowly towards it, got on and sat down with Scott remaining closely behind me at all times. The rest of the evening consisted of consuming as much water as I possibly could and doing all of the last remaining things before the flight the next morning. I was concerned that I was forgetting important things as I still wasn’t feeling great and my headache was a thousand times worse than what it was a couple of hours ago. 9pm arrived and I had to just convince myself that I had done everything necessary and it was time for bed. My sleep was broken and I was restless but, I appreciated just lying down and relaxing before the alarm at 3am. I was awake a few minutes before that dreaded harp noise went off gently telling me to get up, I got dressed and double checked everything… Again. I had decided that if I hadn’t had everything then, I would have to do without. I said goodbye to my mam and Smartie and headed to the airport.

The roads seemed almost ghostly at that unearthly hour, at 3:45am absolutely everyone should be snuggled up in bed trying to get those last few hours in before getting up for work. I still felt iffy but, I was determined not to let it affect anything. We arrived at the airport just after 4am, got checked in within minutes thanks to printing off our own boarding passes (this is much easier and much quicker – I recommend doing this if you can!) we then thought that we may as well just get through customs and then we can relax before the flight. Again, getting through customs was really easy and a lot less stress than I imagined. This was obviously due to us being there at stupid o’clock in the morning but, still it was so much better.

Anyway, if you have ever been to an airport before then you know how unbearably boring they are so I will spare you all the details of how we sat and waited…

A few hours later and we had arrived in Mahon airport, I suddenly felt like I had a million responsibilities but, most importantly I felt very happy to be there. Transfer was only 40 minutes-ish and then we had arrived at our gorgeous 4 star hotel. The coach pulled up outside the Holiday Village, Scott and I (very maturely) threw our seat belts off and raced out the coach before anyone else. I do enjoy the odd small fleck of immaturity in our relationship. Scott grabbed both of our cases like some sort of holiday-mad superman and hurried up the stairs to reception where we were greeted with champagne, our all-inclusive wrist straps and room key. The holiday really began then, we were directed to our room which turned out to be a quaint apartment, it wasn’t just a place to rest our heads in the evening – it was a lovely place to prepare for the day ahead and even more delightful to relax in at the end of the day. I felt very content with it all and we hadn’t even done anything yet!

The adventure begins in my next post, I split it into two parts so it wasn’t one long stream of paragraphs and I was concerned that it wouldn’t hold anyone’s attention passed this point but, feel free to tell me I’m wrong.

Part two coming soon! It’s very good to be back.



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4 thoughts on “Menorca, Cala’N’Bosch Part 1 – The Arrival

  1. Thank goodness you were okay to travel. It looks like a lovely place, with lots of blue sky. I look forward to reading part two.
    I have to say that with all the faffing about and waiting nowadays I’m rather glad that I no longer fly. xx

  2. I’m happy your headache finally left you and you could make it to your destination.
    Do you get headaches like that often? Your resort looks great, can’t wait to hear about the rest of the trip and I’ll bet Smartie was happy to have you home!

    • In used to get them all the time, I thought it was down to red meat but now I think it’s dehydration. I need to drink more water than most and sometimes I just don’t. Then boom! Headache.

      Smartie acted like I’d just been away to the shops and back haha! He brought me a toy and looked at me like “are you gonna play with me then?”.

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