Degu Madness!

This post is largely centred on my five gorgeous ‘Gus, I haven’t given them an awful lot of attention on here – I’m not entirely sure why. The truth is, behind closed doors they have been my true focus for quite some time now. I hated Eddie being alone and I hated the cage that my girls were in overall these things meant I even hated spending time in my own room. That’s crazy isn’t it? No one should hate being in their room, it should be a quiet, happy place where you can spend as much time as possible just doing what you really want to do. That hasn’t been the case for me for about a year, both their situations just made me sad. Eventually I had to say something, whilst being totally aware of how idiotic it sounded, I told my mam about my ongoing degu sadness. Thankfully, this got the ball rolling and we started to research and plan what our next move was going to be and this was great but, everything seemed to take an age to accomplish. Unfortunately degu integration just isn’t a speedy process.

Eddie had to be neutered before anything else to avoid a rather large litter of degu pups, the operation isn’t cheap and it was touch and go as to whether he would survive or not. I know it sounds harsh and you may be wondering why I would go ahead if his survival wasn’t guaranteed but, the truth is integration with the girls is his happy ending and we had prepared for the best and the worst outcome that day. I spent the day pacing back and forth, checking my phone and waiting for the dreaded “I’m sorry to tell you this” call. To my relief, this was not the case. I received a brief text from mam saying he had survived and was recovering well. Now we had to wait 6-8 weeks to ensure full recovery, more waiting… During this time I had found an amazing website for custom built degu cages, I immediately showed the page to my mam and we sent an email to them with all of our requirements to have all five degus living in one area. A trail of emails and many weeks later, we had everything in place and we were ready to order! Another two weeks to wait for the cage to be expertly built, picked up then dropped off.

Friday 2nd May 2014, the cage arrived at 8:50am. It should 5 ft tall as a mass of gorgeous stainless steel and wood. Perfect. It was everything I imagined and more, my mam and I stood in awe probably both imagining the guys running around in there. It is a degu mansion! The next day we went to Pets at Home and spent a small fortune on toys for them, I wanted to deck each of the three tiers out before releasing them into their new home. A couple of hours later, old cages chucked, new cage in place, decked out and we were ready to go! Eddie was the first to go in, he has a tier to himself whilst the girls had the bottom two, and they all went in second. – Eddie and the girls need to remain like this for a week then they swap over so they are living in each other’s scents.

After my holiday they will be ready to swap tiers for the first time. I will continue to do this for the following few weeks until I feel they are ready to meet face to face in a mutual space. Exciting, right? Eddie is currently separated from them by a pop-hole shutter which basically slides along to allow access into the bellow tier. I hope I will be doing this by autumn time this year, meaning the integration process will not only be complete but, successful.

Now that they are all in one place, it has cleared a space in my room for my desk again which means I have a ‘place’ to do all my writing, blogging and music listening and even some PS4 playing with my fabulous five in sight. I am seriously happy right now, my holiday is only three days away and I have happy ‘Gus and am one big step closer to Eddie being with the girls. Perfect.

So, I am away early Wednesday morning – my flight is at 6am so that’s 4am check in and about 2/3am wake up alarm… it’ll be worth it though. I am very much looking forward to an all-inclusive week with my other half. My next post will definitely be after the holiday around the 15th/16th I imagine. I’m spending the rest of day checking through everything needed for the flight, packing, re-packing because Smartie has stood on everything in the cases and enjoying a lovely Tapas tonight with Scott, mam and dad! Like I said, so very happy!

Catch up with you all soon!






ImageMy perfect little workstation!

ImageVery pretty Pansy

ImageWe have acquired a garden guest, spot the issue…



7 thoughts on “Degu Madness!

  1. Hi Andrea,
    Love your blog and you must have the luckiest degus in the world!! Lucky too that you have a mum willing to help out with such things!!
    I hope your holiday is great!

  2. I found your blog while looking at Degu cages online, and I was just wondering if you could link me to the website that you got your custom Degu cage from? I’m desperate for a nice, spaced out cage like yours!


    • Hi Tiffany,

      Here is the link –

      The guy sells ready made cages but, if you put in an enquiry/question on the contact us bit he’ll get back to you. Very helpful and you’ll end up with a gorgeous bespoke cage. We specifically needed 3 tiers. 2 for my four girls and 1 for my lone boy and John sorted us out no problems at all. The first cage I got was from pets at home and then got a cage off the Internet and this one is by far and away the best choice. Hope this helps!


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