Changing gears…

Happy Friday all, even happier since it has been a short week thanks to the gorgeous Easter weekend! I hope you all had a wonderful 4 day weekend, or at least 3 for some. I spent my days getting new holiday clothes, spending time with family and of course Smartzilla.

I’ve been super busy this week at work so it really has flown over. I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone what I do or where I work so, I am head of maintenance at an Estate Agency – my job is very interesting and exciting. It’s also giving me real life experience for the future, which these days is incredibly hard to find sometimes. It’s also allowed me to discover a genuine love for property, gaining a new house or even several houses in some cases from a landlord and seeing it as a total shell. Nothing but floorboards and brickwork and seeing it transform over a matter of weeks into a beautifully decorated property, ready to pass over to sale or rent. (In my case, rent as I maintain all of our student properties).

It’s amazing yet challenging, not only do I have to maintain these properties but, I have to maintain the happiness of each and every landlord and student. Tiring stuff but, ever so rewarding – knowing how to look after a property at 18 gives me great confidence when I have my own house someday and every day I learn a little bit more.

So yeah, that’s my job. I think it’s pretty cool considering I left sixthform with a sort of firm idea that I’d be going to uni then this opportunity came up and it turned out to be one of the best things to ever happen to me.

I had my fourth driving lesson tonight, the last one was a bit of a disaster so I think I may have redeemed myself, it’s crazy how much you do at once. Multitasking to the max! I think it’ll be an exceptional personal achievement one day and I am looking forward to that day ever so much.

So yeah, I’ve got a lot going on at the moment which is nice. I’m constantly busy and occasionally get a little while to myself instead of having too much time on my hands and doing nothing at all productive with it. I hope you all had a fantastic week – I am enjoying a relaxing evening with my fur brother and the Hunger Games.

That’s it for now from me and the little man – speak soon you lovely lot.

20140425-085812 pm.jpg


2 thoughts on “Changing gears…

  1. It’s good to see that you’re enjoying your job. Well done with the driving lessons, even if one wasn’t so good. Nice picture of Smartie.
    Have a good weekend. xx

  2. I just love your fur brother! I have many fur babies of my own including a little mouse that one of my kitties caught this morning. I have him in a fleece lined garbage can with plenty to eat. I have to get something better to keep him in as there’s not much room in the bin!!

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