Sometimes news can only be good

Evening all,

I have had a truly productive and enjoyable week, last Sunday was spent in Durham having a general wander and window shop and topped off with a delightful 2 course meal at Bella Italia ( We went a few weeks prior but, they have jazzed up the menu and now provide the quaint wheat symbol next to the gluten free meals. It’s a genuinely positive sign when I see this in restaurants. We decided that we would bring Smartie next time, socialisation is always a good thing and we discovered a few outdoor food spots where Smartie would be welcome.

So a few weeks ago, I received my provisional license in the post the other week and on Thursday I rang an instructor to book my first lessons – tomorrow 5pm-7pm. I am pretty excited, it would be nice to just pick up and go somewhere out of total spontaneity. Grab Smartie and head to Fence Houses or Scarborough or, take my grandparents to get fish and chips by the coast. What I’m excited about most is not spending hours on end buses. With people. I joke of course but, it will be lovely to have a little bit more independence.

Next productive thing… Oh! Yeah, I adopted an elephant for my mam. She loves elephants and I’ve always wanted to give something back, her name is Kiruba and she’s 40 year old with two calves. She is the matriarch of an “extended family” so she is in charge of, well, everything really. I think that’s amazing. Of course I am looking to adopt something for me as well – ideally I’d like to adopt everything but money kind of prevents that from happening. Some day, I’m sure.

I know this post isn’t exactly flowing well but, I’ve just received so much exciting news in the time I haven’t blogged – 20 days to my holiday with nothing but sun, sea, drinks and food – I love all inclusive. With the announcement of my position at work becoming permanent I have plans for small breaks away too. All very exciting stuff!

Smartie’s walk this weekend was delightful, he literally spends 100% of the time with his lead off, he just walks sort of sideways whilst keeping his eyes on the ball waiting for my dad to throw it. It’s quite impressive how he avoids all the trees and general shrubbery whilst doing this – anyway, the past couple of weeks have been as cool as cucumbers and hope you all received some good news too. Enjoy the photos of  last weekends walk and apologies for the crazy, all over the place post. I promise will get back into my usual Sunday posts (this Easter Sunday’s post will either consist of the pub or Smartie, hmmm).


IMAG1137 IMAG1133IMAG1139 IMAG1141 (1)IMAG1136


3 thoughts on “Sometimes news can only be good

  1. It would be nice if all weeks were productive and enjoyable! Good luck with the driving lessons.
    Good for you adopting an elephant for your mum. Nice pictures of Smartie clearly enjoying himself. xx

    • Amazing few weeks! And my holiday is creeping closer and closer… Driving lessons are going well and I’ve had a few updates about adopted elephant Kiruba. I hope you’ve had a wonderful week!

  2. Love the muddy pup!! Great news about the elephant and success with your driving lessons. Nothing quite like being able to hop in your car and go!

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