Good evening all, quick post from my iPod to see what everyone’s up to.

I’ve had a fairly eventful week but, with all good news I’ve received only brings more questions and confusion. “What do I do now?” “What should I do next year?” “The year after?!” I am definitely struggling with being 18, coming up 19. It’s such an awkward age, decisions have to be made but they aren’t as important as the decisions made by a 29 year old… Are they? Who knows. I certainly don’t.

Anyway I’ve managed to send off a form for my provisional license (so, driving lessons soon), secured a position of employment once my current apprenticeship is over and got my ear cartilage pierced. (Yeah, the last one is a bit rubbish but hey ho).

The constant thinking and worrying about the future is giving me a very dull headache. I just want to live for now! I’m aware I can’t really do this but it would be ever so nice!

Pfft, look at me blabbering on like this blog is centred around me. How dare I take the shine away from my happy little Staffie. Mr well trained and well mannered doesn’t spend too much time on the lead now when he’s on the hills. He jumps ahead slightly when he nears a particular vast, empty field where dad throws his ball for him for about 20 minutes or so.

For now, I am enjoying a family filled weekend, especially the Newcastle match tomorrow. I guess that going through the crossroads of life at 18 is normal and I guess it’ll be fine too.

Sorry for the short post everyone – hope you’re all happy and well, it’s the best way to be.

Goodbye for now!


2 thoughts on “Crossroads

  1. You were obviously in a somewhat reflective mood when you wrote this. Well done on work, and good luck with the driving. It’s okay thinking about the future but worrying about it really is a waste of time. There will be many more crossroads of life which all you can do is deal with them as you reach them.
    Enjoy your weekend. xx

    • Hi Flighty,

      Just seen your comment! (very annoyed at both my devices for failing to tell me you had commented) apologies!

      Thanks. yeah I was in a fairly reflective mood. Im sure it’ll all work out for the best – new post up which you might enjoy! Hope you’re well.

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