Here we are again

Well, Sunday evening has once again again rolled around and of course, here I am, posting. I have had a fairly delightful weekend doing nothing in particular. I had already booked Friday 14th off from work to spend time with my other half on his birthday/Valentines day (yeah – I got stung having to buy two lots of presents!) Ha, kidding – I enjoy buying for others and the favour was returned as I opened the H. Samuel box he presented me with, greeted by a beautiful heart shaped silver necklace. I cried for a little bit due to the general loveliness of it and how it was so evident he had spent careful time picking it for me. We often walk pass jewelry shops, something catches my eye and I stop for a moment or two and I can feel Scott investigating what exactly I’m looking at and then mentally noting my tastes, likes and dislikes. 

Went home that afternoon, quickly packed a bag with the necessities and went to my grandmas and granddads. I have been staying there since I was very young – I think they wondered at what age I would stop going over and staying over (they probably estimated around 18). However, I still try to stay at least every other week. I cant stay as much as I used to due to me working now and I have a lot of responsibilities at home. But, I do my best for them, I love them dearly and very much enjoy spending my Friday nights watching films, baking, playing cards, whatever it is, it’s with them and I treasure that time. I even have my own bedroom there! Plus, I adore Old Man Max (the nearing 15yr old greyhound who was rescued by them approximately 9yrs ago). 

Saturday had it’s ups and downs but, thankfully it ended well with. Crap telly, then an hour or so with Assassins Creed finishing with a couple of DVDs. Lazy, I know. 

Now today was just wonderful. Pulled the curtains back this morning to glorious sunlight spilling into the room, partially blinding Scott (oops haha). Durham was on the agenda with mam to get a few last bits for a wedding next Saturday – I have never been overly organised, why start now? We wandered around the shops and around the town as everyone else did the same. I love seeing people taking their dogs to Durham! So many places cater for them as well which I think is quite marvelous. We grabbed a delicious dinner at La Tasca with the full three courses! 

Pretty much nearing the end of my post now, Smartie is well apart from a nasty blister under his armpit! Sudocrem seems to be healing it up nicely though. In two weeks time he will be two year old and celebrating in Cumbria. I keep asking “is Smartie going on holiday?!” and watching his little ears prick up and his tail to wag excitedly. His happy Staffie face always makes me smile!

Well, happy Sunday evening everybody! 


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