Shaking off the cobwebs!

I woke up this morning thankful of the wonderful day I had with my other half in Newcastle on Saturday/dreading the usual Sunday boring blues. At 10am-ish I said goodbye to Scott and jumped back in the car to head back home – sighing all the way, in my head. 

Home I arrived and dinner was prepped by dad and ready about an hour or so later. Potatoes, veg and peppercorn steak… Quorn of course. 

Dad and Smartie had set 2pm for the Sunday Waldridge walk time – “bugger it” I thought, I’m going too. So 1pm arrived, myself, dad and mam all wrapped up and ready so we set off a little way up the road to Waldridge. So lucky to be so close to such a fantastic walking area.

I did not prepare myself for how grueling, muddy and outright hard work it would be but, I had an unfathomable amount of fun. 2 hours and 20 minutes of really difficult walking due to the constant rain we’ve had… (England, what a surprise).

Smartie made up for all the pain and tiredness that I was feeling as I was able to watch something truly wonderful for the first time. Smartie… Off the lead… In a field… With a ball.

Fantastic fun! Watching him bound around from one side of the massive field to the other. It was amazing, I’ve never seen him so happy. He had zero interest in the other dogs in the distance or even the treats in my pocket! He just wanted to fetch his yellow ball back to us over and over again. 

It is a heartwarming scene when you watch a dog with their human just enjoying life in the ‘great outdoors’ so to speak. Even more heartwarming when it is my dog and I am his human – well, one of them anyway! I had a very ‘then… and now’ moment watching him dash from one end to the other. Coming from a very insecure, lonely and very much abusive upbringing – to this. A family who searched long and hard for months and months to find him. How happy we are that we did, finally. I found myself silently thanking everything that drew us to Smartie and everyone along the way who made the adoption successful. Ah, so very proud to see how far he has come with his recall especially and along with everything else. 

So, the puppy is absolutely shattered, snoozing away on his bed and I am feeling happy, instead of grumpy and lazy after a nothingness Sunday as it so easily could have been. 

We saw a deer also in the depths of the woods, such a quietly perfect site. I’ll never forget how it sprang away into the trees. 

Happy Sunday everyone and enjoy the photos!


2 thoughts on “Shaking off the cobwebs!

  1. A nice heartfelt post, and terrific photos. It’s good to see that despite the unpleasant weather you enjoyed yourself, thanks to Smartie who was obviously enjoying himself.
    Have a good week. xx

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