So many things, so very little time.

Good evening all! Sorry it’s been a little while since I have last said hello, I hand wrote a few gloomy paragraphs on Saturday morning that I was meant to post but, by the end of the day I felt quite alright again! I’m sure that I will feel like that again someday so for now, it can stay on the pages of the ‘idea’ book.

My life seems to be full of busy at the moment, it was my baby cousins’ birthday party yesterday – you know the usual party food and lovely family faces AND a bouncy castle (I resisted a bounce on it as I felt it was fairly unacceptable now that I’m 18 going on 19 in July… and the carnage of all the children that would have been flying everywhere!). So yeah, pretty cool, chilled day was yesterday. I returned home to nothing other than my perfect little pup and my newly acquired PS4… *is feeling ultra skint now*. I keep justifying my purchase by saying to myself “what’s the point of working so hard if you can’t by nice things?” and “it looks so cool and lovely in my room… It’ll look even more lovely when I get my cabinet in my room to store all of the books, games and DVDs that are overflowing everywhere”. 

I’ve also had a bunch of things arrive from Amazon this week and that makes me stupidly happy (probably because they were books and my boyfriends birthday presents) yes, it’s his birthday soon also – February 14th. I have booked that day off work to spend time with him on Valentines/Birthday day. 

Oh, it’s someone elses birthday soon-ish also! He is very close to my heart also. Can you guess who it is?
That’s right, it’s SmartZilla’s birthday next month. Although it is his second birthday, it is his first in a real home. That speaks volumes to me and hopefully to him too. We intend to celebrate by taking him to Cumbria for a long weekend in a lovely terraced house we stay in over there. Yep, it’ll be a day full of long walks along the beach, meeting new people, food and an awful lot of “HAPPY BIRTHDAY PUPPY” *takes five million selfies with dog*. Best. Birthday. Ever. 

So I have a busy few months ahead – here’s a few pictures of the busy days that are behind me for another year. 


mazon purchases – very happy with these. 

My brother got a new bed… Smartie was just testing it for the comfy scale. 



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