York, York and more York.

Many and most of us in the UK have been to York – it’s beautifully enriched with so much life. Old and new. The cobbled roads and stone walls have watched so much pass by over the years – I wish I could be inside of the walls and the roads to watch it all.

A Hen Night was the purpose of visit this time – I am a bridesmaid for the bride to be and we truly celebrated in one of my favourite cities. I don’t need to go into detail of the celebrations (and the consequences) over everything, I enjoyed time with family members I see an awful lot less than often. I hope they enjoyed taking the second youngest in the family out for the very first time as much as I enjoyed it!

We partied away – singing and dancing door to door and discovering revolving dance floors with stumbling legs. It was great.

The life in York is magical – it doesn’t matter who you are, what age or who you are with, you are guaranteed a wonderful time. I urge all of you to indulge in a trip there if you haven’t been, if you have, why haven’t you returned yet? Get those train tickets guys!

I arrived home this morning, bags and high heeled boots in hand – greeted by Smartie with hugs, kisses and toys. I missed you too little man. I thought a lot about what to blog about, what you would enjoy and what you wouldn’t. Then it hit me – I have had a fantastic weekend and if you all hear about it, you can create your own York memories. (I have so many, I’ll tell you them all sometime).

I hope you all had a great weekend and spent your time with the best and most important – I’d love to hear your city stories!


2 thoughts on “York, York and more York.

  1. You obviously had a good weekend! Mine was rather quiet, and thanks to the miserable weather I spent much of it sofa flying reading. I’ve always enjoyed visiting York, although I’ve not been there for some years. xx

    • It’ll be as marvelous as you remembered! Dying to go back already to see some places we missed and I love the ghost walks! (Although I think the best ghost walk I’ve ever been on was in Edinburgh). I am hating the miserable weather also, feels like I can’t leave the house!

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