Watch your dog! Or at least let other people…

Naturally, everyone worries about their safety when they are out and about on foot at night but, do you naturally worry about four legged furry pal too?

These awfully dark evenings are dragging on and countless times I have been travelling in a car at night to wherever place for whatever reason and jumped out of my skin when I suddenly notice a tall and smaller figure creeping out of the darkness. Frightening stuff. Perhaps I dwell on it too much but, I can’t help thinking that a dog owner taking their buddy out for a walk with no visual aids for others or general flashy things to attract attention is a recipe for disaster. 

Sorry to be so ‘safety first’ but, if people are aware of you walking and that you have a protective dog with you then they are so much more likely to leave you the hell alone. You don’t have to be as over-cautious as me – making sure Smartie is the furthest away from the road and I am the closest so that if a car loses control towards us Smartie will have more time to get out the way. (Strange? Yes? No?). We have even considered buying him a Hi Vis jacket! Yes, these exist and they are wonderful. 

Truly it can be the simplest thing just to make you and your dog visible to anything and everything around you. Flashing collar tags can be bought for next to nothing! The element of surprise is not always the way forward.


4 thoughts on “Watch your dog! Or at least let other people…

  1. It’s always heartening to read a dog owner who knows how to care for her dog. Wimsey used to take walks with me in the neighborhood but I’m afraid he wouldn’t put up with a Hi Vis jacket no matter what! He’s become a home-body now, however. Perhaps we’ll get to see Smartie’s jacket soon?

    • Coats are so important as they keep their organs warm! These long night’s are dragging on and on so we are likely to invest soon. Don’t worry – a picture will be posted, maybe even before he leaves the pet shop!

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