Welcome to Short Tales From Long Tails

9 months and 16 days ago, my family and I adopted what is now the best thing to happen to each of us. Indeed, April 3rd 2013 was the start of something truly wonderful. Smartie, formerly Spartan was born March 2012, is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, has more scars than any 2 year old dog should due to his poor upbringing and is my favourite little fur brother. 

My main effort is to give a little bit of Smartie and his adventures to each of you alongside other interests/activities of mine such as the following:

  • Recently read books/book reviews
  • Travelling experiences
  • Day to day unexpected experiences (assuming they will occur!)

So, stay a while, catch up with recent escapades from myself or enjoy the many Smarticles (Smartie’s articles) I am already planning in my head! 


7 thoughts on “Welcome to Short Tales From Long Tails

  1. This picture captured the professor’s heart! They manage to be happy despite life sometimes. The professor has two of these long tails no short tails. Don’t they make you laugh? You know why because they have Punchyish natures through and through.

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